Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rev up your engines and come on over for a Cars kick-off party!

I think to honor the release of Cars 2 the Movie, I'll have a little party for my daughter and a few friends.

The movie comes out Friday and we'll get together before seeing it.

Some ideas to host your own party:

The kids could play Cars 2: The Video Game and you can give out cool prizes.
Cars themed cakes using these cool pans or cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma
Cars "loot" or prizes which could include die cast cars (on sale at Target for $3 each this week) or these fun Lego sets !
You can get Cars 2 themed plates at Target, or just use red and yellow.

I'm a member of bzzagent and hopefully I'll be one of the first to try this game! bzzagent is a lot of fun so check that out too!

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