Sunday, June 26, 2011

Have you seen Cars 2 The Movie yet?

I took K to Cars 2 on Friday - opening day!  We went with some friends.  All 4 kids loved the movie.  I thought it was well done and there were some really funny parts.  Lots of action, the new characters are fun.  Most of the original characters have returned, except for Doc Hudson, although they had a nice tribute to him.  Although I do think there are too many characters to keep track of.

The movie really made K want the video game.  Her new favorite character is Holly Shiftwell.  I still love Guido (peetstop!).

By the way, BJs Wholesale Club has it for $47.99 and you can redeem a $4 off any Wii game found in a brochure I got in the mail so it would be $43.99.  Check at the Customer Service Desk at your BJs if you didn't receive one.

I'm a member of bzzagent and hopefully I'll be one of the first to try this game! bzzagent is a lot of fun so check that out too!

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