Monday, September 20, 2010 adventure in sewing

K starts full-day kindergarten today...she's been at school since just after Labor Day but it was transitional, so just 1/2 days.  Today she gets to eat lunch at school.  Because of her allergies she is going to sit at the "nut-free" table.  I hope she doesn't have to sit alone, the principal, nurse and her teacher assured me that they would put at least one child with a nut-free lunch with her.  Let's hope not everyone packed PB&J today!

So I decided to sew her some keep her food items and containers off of the table.  The school says the tables are washed after each group eats, but I figured the placemat would help. 

K picked out several fabrics at Joanne's Fabrics.

I dragged out my cute blue portable sewing machine and went to work.  Mind you, I sew maybe 2 times a year and generally it has to be a straight know I can hem a curtain, make a pillowcase, and yes, make a placemat!

Oh and this project involved another "appliance" that I rarely iron!  I use the iron for two things really...adhering those Perler bead projects that K makes and maybe an iron-on transfer.  No real ironing going on here!

I think they came out cute, the one on the right is folded and K picked the Princess one to take today.  I made 5 so I can wash them at the end of the week.  I hope it doesn't make K feel to "weird" or make her stick out too much.  Hey who knows, maybe she'll start a trend.

By the way I also LOVE gadgets and cool products...In my attempt to save the earth and be a little green and also why I thought the placemat was better than using a paper napkin...K has these items for packing lunch.

We love the LapTop Lunch Box (bento box), although K has a hard time opening the top at the moment.  And the Thermos Funtainer drink and food containers (stainless steel so they are BPA free).


  1. I love the apple pear fabric! Sounds like K has a great fun way to have lunch!

  2. by the way I think you should check out my friend Alison's blog, she likes to do sewing too!